Recruitment and Selection

We are committed in identifying, recruiting and orchestrating the best talent to meet our business challenges. At the same time we have been able to find the right people with domain proficiency through various innovative methods of recruitment and selection which include psychometric tests, brainstorming group discussions and personal interviews. We use the same process for all candidates for a particular position. We strongly advocate and maintain a free, fair and transparent recruitment & selection process.

Career Development

At Viraj Projects (I) Pvt Ltd, we believe People are our Key Assets and Ultimate Differentiators. The company, therefore, goes to great lengths to provide the best possible work environment, opportunities for growth and development, encouragement and motivation to grow and perform to the highest possible levels. Ergo, we strive to identify the potentials and develop the skills through various career development measures. This is aimed at transforming people into effective and efficient leaders vis-à-vis to establish strong succession plan. If you have the drive and zest to work in such a dynamic work culture, then please apply to the present openings with detailed feedback and self-appraisal in the links given below: